Thursday, September 29, 2005

Life in My Personal Hell: An Introduction

To begin, I am a 38-year-old married man. I work in downtown Washington DC, I live with my family in the suburbs.I am broken. Apparently, I suffer tremendously from a passive-aggressive disorder, and I am loved by no one in this world and my wife is on the verge of giving up on me.

In truth, I've never had a relationship that has worked out, and that goes for personal/sexual relationships as well as work relationships. So I was deep in my pity-party today and decided to start this blog. For one thing, I keep telling myself -- I can't be wrong all the time. It can't be my fault every single time. There has to be an end to my misery, a depth to this ocean. And, let's face it, writing anonymously in this blog is extremely theraputic.

There is just no one in the world that I am comfortable telling everything to. Certainly not my wife. For all the supportive things she says to me, it's her actions that count. Every time I try to defend myself, she replies with tenfold reasons why I'm an utter asshole. Still, I have to find the strength to carry on every day.

And so, welcome voyeurs. I've enjoyed reading about other people's lives, and I hope you'll enjoy reading about mine.